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Welcome to Supply Desk

Supply Desk recruitment is one of the UK’s leading workforce providers to the education sector.  We provide strategic educational support solutions to Schools, Academies, LA’s and Clusters through our quality driven processes and our collaborative approach to large scale recruitment services across the entire teaching sector.


The new Agency Workers Regulations came into force in October 2011 and affect all schools using supply teachers and the supply teachers themselves. With Schools facing possible large fines of up to £5000 for non compliance with the new regulations it is important that the correct information is fully understood, Supply Desk are ready to help.

Working for Supply Desk

Looking for long-term, short-term, full-time or temporary professional teaching roles? Here at Supply Desk we have a huge range of positions available from Nursery Nurses, Primary & Secondary School Teachers, Lecturers, Interim Leaders, Head Teachers and SEN specialists. We’re sure we’ll have the role for you!